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Prince Georges Community College Chapter 3 Social Cognition and Affect Discussion

Part 1: This week we learned about social cognition – or how we think about, evaluate, or make guess about people or social situations. Pull out 2 things you found super interesting from this weeks reading on this topic and additionally, answer ONE of the following to answer (Saylor Foundation, n.d., page 20).

1. Describe a time when you learned new information or new behaviors through operant, associational, or observational learning.

2. Think about a time when you made a snap judgment about another person. Did your expectations about people influence your judgment of this person? Was the judgment fair or unfair?

3. Consider some of your beliefs about the people you know. Were these beliefs formed through assimilation, accommodation, or a combination of both? Do you think that your expectations now influence how you respond to these people?

4. Describe a time when you might have unfairly used an expectation about another person. Did the expectation serve as an energy saver?

Part 2: This week’s reading not only covered what and how we think in the context of a social situation, it also covered how we feel about it all. Social affect refers broadly to our feelings about ourselves and others. Pull out two facts about social affect you found interesting from the reading on this topic and, additionally, answer ONE of the following (Saylor Foundation, n.d., Chapter 3) :

1. Describe a time when a particular secondary emotion had an important influence on your life.

2. Consider a time when your behaviors or judgments were based more on affect than on cognition. Were the outcomes positive or negative?

3. Visit the website of Paul Ekman, who has extensively studied the facial expressions of emotion ( Explain the outcomes of some of his important research.

4. Have you ever misattributed an emotion? If so, what was the impact of doing so?


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