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Prince Georges Community College String Theory Pseudoscience Questions

I’m working on a psychology discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

  1. Please provide an aside to the below discussion
  2. An important part of research is separating the good from the bad. Research shows that even the best and brightest students may hold some beliefs in pseudoscience. It also shows that if discussions about pseudoscience are not handled correctly, there can be a backfire effect where the example of pseudoscience is remembered but not that the claim is actually false (Impey, Buxner, & Antonellis, 2012; Lewandowsky et al., 2012). Describe pseudoscience and give a detailed example (PLEASE DO NOT USE ASTROLOGY AS AN EXAMPLE). Explain how you would teach about your example so that it is clear that it is pseudoscience.

Pseudoscience is known as “activities and beliefs that are claimed to be scientific by their proponents—and may appear to be scientific at first glance—but are not” (Saylor). Years ago, it was first believed that “the traditional understanding of the scientific method was to look at the world with a scientific eye is to observe with no preconceived notions”. (Crash Course 2016). Karl Popper believed that everyone has preconceived notions of some kind. It starts out with what we believe to be true, a set truth based off what we have observed. We often care about certain situations then determine a belief based off that observation. With pseudoscience is the method that serves as a bases of confirmed beliefs for an individual, it can be used to prove anything. The main concern will have to be that if someone believes in a certain thing, they can use Freud’s system to try and justify anything. If I believed in the Easter bunny and I try to find proof/ evidence that it exists I will be able to. The stores and internet is full of items such as stories, bunnies, eggs, jellybeans and movies pertaining to the Easter bunny existence. Science can prove there is no easter bunny, pseudoscience proves there is.


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