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Production and Operations Management Questions

1. What is your definition of POM? Include a brief discussion of how you believe POM relates, or will relate to your work.

2. What are the similarities and differences in the transformation process between manufacturing and service operations?

3. Read the eight principles of doing business in case problem “Value-Added Operations at Lands’ End” (attached to this web page). If you had to write a “principle” number “nine” and “ten” what would they be?

4. What is the balanced scorecard? How does it relate to operations? Provide one example of how each element relates.

5. Why do companies need policy deployment? What does it do?

Problem: (10 points)

6. Turn to problem 1.6 on page 28 in your textbook and answer the question on Omar Industries.

Please use MS Word, naming the file “Assignment 1” and submit it to be graded. Remember you are expected to show depth of understanding in your work utilizing full paragraphs (4 sentences per paragraph as a general rule).

(What is the four sentence structure rule? Simply put it is the general observation that in order to explain a concept or idea well, it generally takes at least four sentences in a paragraph to describe something well enough that someone with little or no understanding can grasp enough details and be able to comprehend and use that knowledge. There are exceptions of course but as a general rule if you find yourself writing in one two or three sentence paragraph structures you likely don’t have a strong grasp of the information yourself or aren’t interested enough in the subject to be bothered to provide an adequate answer. Both of these reasons are bad and will likely be picked up on by the instructor. Please remember what you should have learned in grammar school, a strong paragraph generally starts with a topic sentence to introduce the idea or subject of the paragraph. The next two sentences will provide support or background of some kind to add depth of understanding to the topic or subject of the first sentence. Then a final conclusion or a summary is made that proves or at least strongly supports your analysis of the topic. Of course, at times, when your reader has knowledge of the topic, four sentences may not be needed but when you’re trying to convince an instructor that you know something about a question, using four sentence paragraphs will help you show depth of knowledge. Do keep this in mind when answering questions (not just this assignment but all assignments).


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