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Psy 1010 UMCP General Psychology Marijuana Abuse Case Study

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Make a connection, review the spect gallery at Amen Clinics spect gallery by clicking on the link

You will first notice images of a healthy brain.  After viewing the image of a health brain, scroll down to the gallery for addictions subtypes. Read the case studies for 

1. 16-year old with 2-year history of daily marijuana abuse

2. 39-year-old with 25 years of frequent heroin use

3. 38-year-old with 17 years of heavy weekend use.

The Amen Clinic provides an overview of the damaged areas of the brain for each of these cases. Reflect and think critically on your readings from Chapter 3 Biopsychology and section Other states of Consciousness. Based on the areas of damage specified on the spects that you examined,

Write one detailed paragraph for each of the three cases above what activites would be impacted. For example, walking, memory, critical thinking, knowing right from wrong, etc. Due to the damage to the brain caused by the substance use, how could each of their lives be impacted given the structure and function of the parts and areas of the brain. Take take to think about this answer. You are connecting what you’ve learned from your reading and making life application implications. Your writing should make reference to your readings and the website. No personal opinion.

You will type your answer in the text (not comment) box. Alternatively, you may want to type it on your computer so that you may save it. Then, copy and paste it into the text box. Make sure that it is formatted into at least three separate paragraphs before submitting.

Safe assign will check each submission for plagiarism. Make sure that your work is original and your sources are cited.


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