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PSY 1012 Rasmussen College Psychological Disorders Discussion

As you’ve seen from your reading and research, there are many different causes of disorders. Choose two disorders and discuss their potential root causes. How would you best help and support a friend with these disorders?

Here is my peers post

I chose PTSD ( Post traumatic stress disorder) and Depression.

PTSD occurs after people witness or go through a traumatic event. Examples of this can be a war, natural disaster, sexual or physical assault, and serious accident. This condition can lasts for months, years, and in some cases even life. PTSD brings back memories of the trauma you went through. Examples of this can be nightmares, anxiety, depression, and avoiding certain places or people. This can be treated by therapy or medication.

Depression is a mental health disorder where you get into a depressed state of mind. You start to lose interest in things you once used to enjoy doing and people you used to enjoy to be around. This can cause trouble in doing daily activities such as showering, brushing teeth, eating, working out, and going to school or work. This can only cause thoughts of suicide and lower your self-esteem. Depression can be treated through medication and therapy.

If I had a friend that had these disorders I would help support them by listening to them when they need someone to talk to and not pressuring them to do things they aren’t comfortable with. I would try and motivate them to get out of the house when they are having a good day and help them with simple tasks they may struggle with on their own. I would learn more about these disorders so I can better understand to help and support and learn the signs of them being in danger. Most importantly if I fear their life is in danger, I would call for help. 


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