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PSYC 2301 Tyler Junior College Alcoholism Around The World Essay

PSYC 2301 Core Essay Instructions

Alcoholism or Drug Addiction Around the World

1. You may use the Vaughn Library or any other reputable online sources as you conduct your research for facts when completing this assignment.
2. Examine the following twelve (12) countries. Choose three (3) countries to research. You will be researching for alcoholism or drug addiction statistics as well as any other accompanying facts that might be related. Choose from these countries: USA, Canada, Japan, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, and Italy.
3. You will write a two (2) page essay to compare either the alcoholism or drug addiction rates (you may choose one) in your three (3) chosen countries. You are to discuss the different reasons for alcoholism or drug addiction; such as the educational levels of the three (3) countries, what the three (3) chosen countries religious views are, what awareness programs are present, and what attitudes are concerning this problem.
4. At the end of your essay, you must have a separate paragraph titled Conclusion. You are to imagine yourself as a counselor or social worker (in each of your three (3) countries) and come up with ideas and initiatives as to how to deal with alcoholism or drug addiction, along with how to effectively treat the problem of addiction.
5. From the data found, you will need to create two bar charts. The first should compare the total populations of the three (3) countries chosen. The second should compare the rates of alcoholism or drug addiction in the same three countries. In the chart comparing alcoholism or drug addiction, you MUST use percentages in order to indicate comparison. If you do not find data already in percentages, you will take the number of people addicted in each country, divided by the total number of people, multiplied by 100. PLEASE USE PERCENTAGES FOR THIS DATA REPORTING.
6 The final page should be a Reference page. The total assignment should be four (4) pages in length.
7. Make sure you double space the paper, using one (1) inch margins and a twelve (12) point font. Also, use spell check and grammar check or use the Pearson Writing software to check your paper before turning it in.
8. DO NOT copy and paste in this paper. Use your own words. If you want to quote a small portion, you may do so, but be sure to reference this on the Reference page.


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