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PSYC 3570 UG Sensitive Memories Discussion

Introduction Post:

During Unit 01 of the course, you will post an introduction for yourself in the Introductions discussion forum set up for your Discussion Group (select Groups from the Tools dropdown menu to find out which group you have been assigned to). Select Discussions from the Tools dropdown menu to access the discussion forums.

In your introduction, please note your name and why you have chosen to take this course.

You will also respond to one of your peers’ introductions in the forum.

NOTE – this will be an ungraded post period.

Discussions 1 – 2:

To give you an opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking about topics in the course, beginning in Unit 03 and Unit 09, a discussion topic will be released where you will provide a response set to a given discussion topic or question posted in the discussion forum.

A response set consists of two parts:

  • Peer Response Post – Post a response to one of your peers’ responses (500 words)
    Note – your Peer Response Post must be to a Personal Response made by member of your Discussion Group. Do not respond to a Peer Response Post made to one of your Personal Response Posts. 

Posts must be as close as possible to the specified word limit above. Writing concisely to convey critical thinking about course content is an important academic skill to develop. Making a personal and/or peer response post that is less than or exceeds the specified word limit will affect the grade received.

Content of Posts:

It is expected that the readings for the course (Kastenbaum’s text and Dr. Pitt’s Lecture Notes) and the respective article or A/V clip specific to each Discussion will help inform your responses.

It is important that you provide a balance of your critical thinking and supportive in-text citations. 


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