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Psychoanalytic Therapy Applied to the Case of Stan Questions

Watch the embedded video of Stan’s session with Dr. Corey. Pay close attention to the psychoanalytic therapy techniques. One of the goals of this assignment is to help you understand case conceptualization (question #3). It’s really important to understand how to apply the theory of a given approach to a case. This is called case conceptualization. One way to define case conceptualization is: the clinician’s collective understanding of the client’s problems as viewed through a particular theoretical orientation; as defined by the biological, psychological, and social contexts of the client; and as supported by a body of research and practice that links a set of co-occurring symptoms to a diagnosis and, ultimately, a treatment plan (John & Segal, 2015). If you are interested in reading more or viewing the source, click here (Links to an external site.) to be redirected to the abstract from the article, “Case Conceptualization.” Full citation:

John, S., & Segal, D. L. (2015). Case conceptualization. The Encyclopedia of Clinical Psychology, 1–4.

Practicing case conceptualization in this assignment will help prepare you for the case presentation assignments in the course. (Click here for more information about the content of a case presentation.) Of course, this process will also help you develop as a counselor/therapist. In this assignment and in the future, for question #3, apply the theory or approach including the key theoretical aspects to Stan’s case.

Q: How do you conceptualize Stan’s case based on a specific theory?

A: Think about the key aspects of the given theory and then explain Stan’s issues accordingly. There are helpful ideas in Corey’s “Psychoanalytic Therapy Applied to the Case of Stan” in your textbook.


Answer the following questions. Be specific, explain your answers, and give an example of what you would do/say for each question.

If you were counseling Stan from this particular framework (psychoanalytic therapy), what is one additional psychoanalytic technique you might use? What would you hope to accomplish with this intervention?

If you were the client, how would you be likely to respond to the therapist’s (Dr. Corey’s) comments and interventions in this particular session?

How would you explain the case of Stan and his current problems from a psychoanalytic perspective? Use specific evidence from the textbook and/or other information in the module to show how psychoanalytic theory is applied in your explanation. Think about what you learned about psychoanalytic theory and apply it to the case of Stan. Include at least three key concepts. You may consider Freud’s psychosexual stages of development, the personality structure (id, ego, superego), and other key concepts from psychoanalytic theory. Cite the textbook and include the page number for this assignment even though it is not required for in-text citations of paraphrased information. You may not use quotes.

Helpful hints: (1) I suggest you revisit Stan’s case, which is presented in chapter one (Corey, 2018), to help you formulate your explanation. (2) Understanding how to explain a case using a given therapy perspective is a crucial skill for therapists AND this practice will help you prepare for the case presentation assignments in the course.


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