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Psychobiography Audrey Hepburn Grade Essay

  1. we have chosen to make the psychobiography paper about Audrey Hepburn, as you suggested. Overall by the end of this project, There should be approximately 25 references from primary sources. These are from peer-reviewed journals and academic texts, and edited chapters from academic books. APA Style for citations and references. ONLY acceptable references peer-reviewed articles from Academic Search Premier, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection, PsycArticles and PsycInfo.
  2. Research goals statement (You wrote this last week; we might need more than one research question to have more to write about in the final paper): It is worth noting that the historical figure Audrey Hepburn went through a lot during her childhood. First, her father divorced her mother when she was barely six years old, thus growing up without a father figure. Secondly, when Audrey and her mother moved to the Netherlands, they encountered numerous hardships during the second world war (Podolsky,1994). This being the case, the main question that I seek to answer concerning the life of Audrey Hepburn is whether her early childhood experiences shaped her adult life, bringing her fame and success considering psychological theory and research emphasizes the significance of early childhood on subsequent development.
  3. Research Questions
  1. Primary Question: Did the early childhood experiences of Audrey Hepburn shape her adult life resulting in fame and success based on the reasoning that psychological theory and research highlight the significance of early childhood on subsequent development?
  2. Additional Question: Did Audrey Hepburn’s neurotic behavior, which included always turning to a smoking habit when upset, brought about by early childhood family issues?

I’ve attached below the first 7 pages. The paper should be around 30 pages long, not including the title page and reference page. So I need your help completing the remaining about 23 pages to add on this attachment to make it the final paper.


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