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PU The Foundation for The Action Researcher Discussion


Rebecca G

RE: Unit 5: Discussion Questions

A research question is a question that a study or research project aims to answer. This question often addresses an issue or a problem, which, through analysis and interpretation of data, is answered in the study’s conclusion. In most studies, the research question is written so that it outlines various aspects of the study, including the population and variables to be studied and the problem the study addresses (Stringer & Aragón, 2021).  The research question creates a foundation for our objectives while imprinting an image for the readers as to the significance of the study we are presenting. According to Stringer (2013) research facilitators need to formulate their own questions according to the nature and extent of the inquiry in which they will engage.

In thinking about this section this writer will be thinking about how PTSD that was acquired during war has affected so many members of our military members, and how this has put the need for stronger resources for them at the VA. Research questions can be classified into different categories, depending on the type of research to be done. Knowing what type of research, one wants to do quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods studies can help in determining the best type of research question to use (Pan, 2013).  Research questions should be structured properly to ensure clarity.

With the literature review section, this writer considers it is important to include current statistics about addiction as a whole in the military along with current information on how PTSD has affected the increase of opioid addiction. This writer has found several articles that show the statistics and the increase of veteran’s as well as active duty members who suffered PTSD and addiction since Vietnam war till current times.


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Shirley R

RE: Unit 5: Discussion Question

This writer believes the research question has to be clear and precise. The question should reflect the topic being discussed and should be based on the general interest of the researcher. Pan (2017) suggests narrowing down topics that may be board by adding delimitation. Pan (2017) states delimitation are restrictions and they narrow down board topics. However, it is important not to add to many delimitation where the topic becomes to narrow (Pan, 2017). This writer has been thinking about ways she can narrow down her research question due to all the different parts of the case study. Pan (2017) examples how delimitation can be used. For example, if a researcher is researching student engagement in class, to narrow down the topic the researcher can be more specific. For example, student engagement in elementary students. 

After developing a strong research question, it is important to include in the literature review as much information on the chosen topic. It is important to including previous research from other studies that align with the present topic being discussed. Pan (2017) discusses in guideline 3.11 the importance of examining the references cited in the literature that will be used in the project. This guideline is essential because literature reviews have to be based on facts and helps create a strong research question. A helpful tip this writer found was keeping a running list of all references collected. It was suggested to have a list where the writer has collected data they will use, and then a list of references they use or refer to at a later time (Pan, 2017). 


Pan, L. (2017). Preparing literature reviews. (5th ed). Routledge 


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