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PUAD 7041 CU Seniors in Union County in NJ Marketing Policy Outline

For this assignment, you will create an annotated outline for your final policy analysis paper. The scoring guide for this assignment includes elements that will be required in the final paper, but it is designed to provide feedback on an annotated outline, not the completed work.

An annotated outline should provide a framework for developing a final paper. Using a basic outline ensures that all important areas are addressed in the final paper. Review the instructions for the assignment in Unit 10 before you start work on this assignment. Those instructions will provide greater insight into what the final paper should look like.

An annotated outline includes citations to credible sources for elements in the outline, helping to ensure that the final paper reflects evidence-based best practices and is tied to the literature. The purpose of the annotated outline is to provide an overview of the final paper, illustrating how it is tied to the literature. The feedback you receive on the outline will provide insights into areas of the final paper that might need to be strengthened and to ensure that all the essential elements are included. Feedback on your outline will also evaluate the number and suitability of the sources presented to support your work. To comply with APA requirements, you must provide a citation for all statements of objective fact that are not common knowledge. You are required to include a minimum of ten credible sources, but you are free to provide more than that number in the draft or the final paper if it better supports the final product. For this assignment, the ten sources must come from peer-reviewed journals, academic monographs, government reports, or reports from credible research or policy organizations.

This assignment is expected to be a work in progress. Please note that you are not submitting a draft of the final paper. You are submitting an annotated outline to be used in the development of that final paper. If you are unsure of the difference between an annotated outline and a draft paper, please review the resources in the Graduate On-line Writing Center, or contact your instructor for clarification. Resources are available in the Graduate On-line Writing Center on the development of an annotated outline.

Your outline should include a cover page and a reference list, just as any other paper. The outline must include both an introduction and a conclusion (in outline form).

In your outline, include the following topics and cite related references:

  • An analysis of the problem, the potential consequences of not addressing it, and how the problem is tied to the organizational mission.
  • How to analyze differing factors influencing the problem.
    • Provide specific examples of how to collect perceptions from differing sectors of the community about potential alternatives for addressing the problem.
  • How to evaluate differing alternatives, providing specific examples of varied perspectives on each alternative to provide a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • Metrics that can be used to conduct a program evaluation pre- and post-program implementation.
  • An evaluation to determine if the problem analysis has captured and integrated the views of diverse groups in the community.
  • An analysis of whether the process and any proposed alternatives reflect ethical behavior on the part of the public agency.
  • An evaluation of logistical needs in terms of staffing, funding, etc. that will be needed to implement each of the proposed alternatives.
  • An analysis of how each identified alternative will be evaluated in the future to determine if success has been achieved, providing specific examples of the metrics to be used.


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