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Write a 2-page (double spaced) analysis of a publicly circulating narrative about refugees. A public narrative, for the purposes of this assignment, is any story, account, description, statement, etc. that you see appear multiple times in different corners of the public sphere. To locate a public narrative about refugees, you can look on news websites (skim headlines and articles), flip through campaign materials produced by NGOs, search for refugee-related hashtags on twitter and Instagram, or brainstorm the representation of refugees in recent films, songs, or other forms of entertainment. Or you might have another idea of where to look not listed here.

Once you have identified a narrative, your job is to break it down, explain its parts, suggest why it is circulating today—in short, to analyze it. Your assignment will take three parts.

First, present the narrative. This means, as briefly as possible, summarizing the narrative and explaining the basic questions of where and when (does the narrative appear).

Second, break down the narrative, analyzing it. Ask yourself: why does it appear in the medium (social media, news, entertainment) where I found it? Who is invested in producing and distributing this narrative, and why? What assumptions does it reveal about refugeehood? What terms, ideas, or definitions does the narrative rely on? You do not need to answer all these questions, but they should help get you started.

Third and finally, suggest why it is significant that we understand this publicly circulating narrative. What do we learn through your analysis? What further questions does your analysis raise?

Please include a third page with either screenshots of or links to the places where you found your narrative. The written portion of the assignment should be in complete sentences and in paragraph form.