I need help with a English question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

For our discussion posts, we will look at a few chapters at a time. You will have three questions to answer. Each answer should be 1-2 paragraphs (3-6 Total). Paragraphs normally consist of 4-6 sentences. Initial posts are due by Wednesday at noon.

By Friday at noon, you are to respond with one paragraph (4-6 Sentences) to two people’s posts adding to what they said, respectfully disagreeing with them, and/or reflecting on what they said. The Discussion Questions are below:

Chapter 14: Introductions- Rank the components of an introduction (Attention Getter, Motivation, Thesis, Credibility, & Overview) in order from most important to least important in your opinion. Explain your answer.

Chaper 15: Conclusions- Explain two of the four memorable closing devices that the book describes (Use Quotations, Tell a Story, Pose a Rhetorical Question, & Bring your Speech Full Circle), and give an example for each of the two you described.

Potential Topics for Demonstration Speech: Generate a list of 3-5 topics that you are interested in demonstrating to the class for your demonstration speech assignment, and include the step-by-step process (these will most likely be your main points and/or sub points).