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Purdue Global University Data Warehousing for Supply Chain Management Discussion

Unit 8 Assignment: Patterns of Human Behavior and 3PL

This assignment will assess your knowledge based on the following Outcomes:

MT433-4: Analyze the impact of distribution in supply chain effectiveness.

GEL-4.03: Understand patterns of human behavior based upon real world observation.

The culture element is a critical factor in the formation of a successful global logistics network. In this Assignment, you will research articles and analyze how patterns of human behavior can affect the global supply chain.


  • People from different countries display different patterns of human behavior. Recognizing and adapting to these patterns is key to establishing successful supply relationships. Research news articles and provide one example where unexpected patterns of behavior has created significant challenges for a global company, or for a company that is part of a global supply chain. Clearly state what the unexpected pattern of behavior was and then analyze how it impacted the operations of the company. What would your recommendation be for this company to best handle the consequences of the different patterns of behavior between the two companies? Support your theory and your recommendations by citing relevant references.
  • Describe how you would choose a 3PL company to handle your logistics management needs. Discuss three factors that you would use to evaluate potential partners.
  • Research a top 3PL company and list three key services that the company provides. Then, explain how each of these services can impact the effectiveness of a supply chain. Do they have any services for handling logistics to/from international destinations? Could a 3PL company be used to handle global supply chain issues such as the impact of cultural differences? Explain.

Respond using the critical elements below:

  • Compose your original response in Standard English, paying special attention to grammar, style, and mechanics.
  • Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, following the prescribed format and citing your sources using the current APA guidelines.
  • Ensure that your viewpoint and purpose are clearly stated.
  • Demonstrate logical and appropriate transitions from one idea to another.
  • Your paper should be highly organized, logical, and focused.


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