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Purdue University Law Office Goals and Mission Statement Research

Part 1

Using the fact pattern below, write a list of eight goals for the law firm. Each goal should be 1–2 sentences long. An example of a goal for a law firm is:

“The firm will provide a minimum of 5 hours a week of pro bono service for poor people in the neighborhood of the firm.” [Please do not use this as one of your goals.]

In your goals, you are required address all of the following:

purpose of the law firm;

needs of the law firm;

position in the community; and

how the society views the firm (sees the goals/values of the law firm being demonstrated).

Part 2

Using the fact pattern below, prepare a mission statement for the law firm. The mission statement should be 2 paragraphs long with each paragraph being 4–6 sentences in length. A lengthy example of a mission statement for a law firm can be found at the following website:

Hoge Fenton Jones & Appel. (n.d.).

Feel free to conduct research to find examples of mission statements for small or solo practitioners’ offices as well.

Your law firm mission statement should address all of the following:

the specific purpose of the law firm;

the position of the law firm within the community and society; and

how the society views the firm (sees the goals/values of the law firm being demonstrated).

Fact Pattern

You are a paralegal about to start work for a small law firm of two attorneys in a modest urban community of about 100,000 people. The office will be located just outside of the downtown area. The office for which will you work engages in a general practice of law. The office covers the main areas of law — civil litigation, criminal defense, and transactional work. The attorneys have been working together for 5 years; two of them each have 4–5 years of additional professional experience in other law firms. The practice continues to grow. There is little time to organize the office, and it has no operating manuals or procedures. The office uses a time-management software, but the firm still lists former clients on 3 × 5 cards that it uses to check for conflicts of interest. For the firm to grow, it will need to rely more on technology.


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