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QSO 320 SNHU Total Estimation of the Full Truckload Shipping Cost Worksheet


PART 1:For this assignment, you will use the Vinho Winery Case Study and other course resources to review raw data sets that summarize the production, sales,
and distribution of wine. You will need to analyze the various types of wine and different distribution centers to determine their financial impacts on the
organization’s total revenue. All of your analyses need to be submitted in an annotated Excel file, and each analysis needs to include a rationale.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
A. Using a pivot table, determine the percentage of wine varieties sold from each distribution center. Illustrate your results in the form of a pie chart. Hint:
Create a pivot table using the data spreadsheet as its basis.
B. Generate a labeled bar chart that illustrates the sum of wine varieties sold to each distribution center.
C. Using a pivot table, calculate the total amount of revenue generated for each distribution center. Illustrate your results on a bar chart. Hints: Production
cost data is provided in the Costs and Distances tab. Make sure you don’t mix your units of measurement (i.e., pallets, cases, or bottles).
D. Using the IF function, calculate the central tendencies (mean, median, and mode) of shipment volume for each distribution center. Illustrate your results
in a table. (Do NOT use a pivot table or manually identify each cell to be evaluated.)
E. Analyze the frequency of shipment by size using a histogram. Use the following bin sizes (number of pallets): 72, 48, 24, 18, 12, 6, 3, 1.
F. Create a shipment histogram to show the distribution of shipments for Portland and Riverside. Use the same bin sizes as you did in Part E. Hint: Use the
alphabetical sort for the destination column, and select Data Analysis to plot the frequency of pallet shipments using the bin sizes listed for the two
destinations separately.
G. Provide a summary statement that describes the inefficiencies in the organizational sales analysis. In your response, explain why this information is
important for influencing management decisions.

PART 2 :

w: For this assignment, you will continue to build on your Labor Hours spreadsheet to examine the actual costs of a business project.
Prompt: Using the Labor Hours spreadsheet, expand the table in the Data tab to capture the actual cost of this project by performing the following steps:
1. Total the complete labor cost.
a) Add a column that totals the labor for each employee, given the added criteria. (See the last two bullets in the scenario box below.)
b) Total the complete labor cost.
2. Think about what additional costs would contribute to the overall cost of the project.
a) Below is a list to consider. Add additional columns to capture these costs. (Note: Not all of these should be included; read each bullet carefully.)
i. The project is located 30 miles from the office, and the company pays the employees .54¢ per mile to travel to the worksite and back.
ii. You are using $1,000 in materials left over from another project.
iii. Because the worksite is in a remote location, a portable office with restrooms had to be leased at a cost of $300 per day.
iv. At the cost of $350 per employee, the company provides all employees with uniforms and safety equipment. This equipment is replaced
on a yearly basis.
v. The company pays for a $60 food platter to be delivered to the site every day to feed all of the workers.
vi. Fuel to run the generator in the portable office costs $10 per day and is included in the lease agreement.
vii. A security service had to be contracted by the company to safeguard the worksite 24 hours a day at the cost of $720 per day.
b) Total the entire project cost.
3. Create a new tab titled Actual. Provide a summary statement that recommends reducing costs without lowering labor rates.



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