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QSO 320 Southern New Hampshire University Lodi Winery Wine Production Worksheet

This work will be done using Excel. I have Milestone 1 and Milestone 2 . All you need to do is Milestone 3. And you need to combine Milestone 2 and Milestone 3 into Milestone 1 work. It needs to be a big annotated Excel file. And please also include a rationale for each prompt In Milestone 3 Optimizing Performance

Milestone Three Prompt:

For the Lodi Winery, you have been asked by management to examine the data collected and analyzed in the previous modules. The objective is for you to help management decide on the right mix of wine bottles to sell based on newly derived profit information while considering the limitations of the particular types of grapes available for production.

While doing more research on wine production, you realize that it takes 3.5 pounds of grapes to make a bottle of wine. In addition, you already were provided the price per bottle that the distributors are paying for each variety of wine:

Price for Red Wine ($) Price for White Wine ($) Price for Organic Wine ($) 7.50 8.00 12.00

After discussing wine production with the operations manager, you also learn that the wineries that supply the grapes to produce the above types of wine can produce up to a total of 200,000 pounds of grapes for a six-month supply of wine bottles for the three markets, with the following expected

page1image1823172624 page1image1823172912 page1image1823173200 page1image1823173488page1image1823173776 page1image1823174192 page1image1823174480 page1image1823174768page1image1823175056


distribution constraints based on types of grapes. Note that current market demand will not support more than the below constraints for each type:

page2image1799817744 page2image1799818032

Red wine ceiling White wine ceiling Organic wine ceiling

22,000 bottles 24,000 bottles 12,000 bottles

page2image1799830432 page2image1799830720 page2image1799831008page2image1799831296 page2image1799831712 page2image1799832000

Note that the production cost per bottle remains the same as before, that is, 32% of sales or revenue for red wine, 42.5% of sales for white wine, and 52.5% for organic wine. With additional information you have gathered, you are now ready to determine the optimum production mix to maximize profit.


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