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Racial Speakers & Practices & Linguistic Racism Mock Spanish Fieldwork & Discussion

As per the chapter introduction, we are doing a bit of “fieldwork,” (as best we can with social distancing of course) as well as comparing/contrasting our findings with our classmates for this assignment. If you are not in an area where Spanish is spoken, please consider other types of “mock” language. I have had students in China and Japan look at “mock English,” for example.

For a week, you will be paying attention to your own speech and the speech of those around you (in person, the media you come across – Twitter, Instagram, TV, whatever). How many examples of Mock Spanish did you encounter and what were they? In what context were they used? Who used them? Do you think the speaker was aware of the hidden racism in their use of Mock Spanish? Why or why not? How does Hill’s concept of Dual or Split Indexicality apply to your results?

Please be sure to report the dates/times of your fieldwork, what you experienced each day, where you were (at the very least the city and state, but you can certainly be more specific – at work, school, a restaurant, etc), the approximate age and sex/gender of the person making the utterance (if not yourself).

Also, you can certainly use bullet points or lists for the examples, but please be sure to use complete sentences and proper grammar when discussing your findings.

If you do not seem to have much, or any “mock” language in your life, please consider why. What is it about your situation that lends itself to NO or little “mock” language. Try to imaginge scenarios where “mock” language could be included and consider how they make you feel, be received or demonstrate social dynamics by the “participants.”

After your initial post, go back and read what your classmates have to say – compare it to what you said. Reply to the discussion at least twice – your replies can be to specific classmates or general replies reexamining your initial finding. You should reference specific examples presented by your classmates, giving detail, regarding how/what/why you are thinking or reevaluating the way you are. In your replies, be sure to indicate which form of incorporation is being used—semantic derogation, euphemism, affixing, or hyperanglicization (we find these in Hill’s article). You may also want to consider similarities/differences/trends.

Your first post may vary in length, but I am looking for about 500 words. Your reply posts should be at least 250 words each.


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