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Rasmussen College Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Presentation

  • This class is based on children with disability in the early childhood field. Ages infants to preK

  • Project Overview

    For your course project you will be creating a continuing education resource for yourself and co-teachers to help understand unfamiliar childhood disabilities. As educators, you are not experts on every disability and diagnosis. Instead, your role is to collaborate with other professionals to pool resources to enable all of you to have a working knowledge of many different special needs.For this project, you will be developing PowerPoint slides throughout the modules that you will compile into one final presentation on the exceptional child of your choice. You will share the PowerPoint presentations with each other at the end of the course to enable a greater knowledge bank in regards to disabilities affecting young children.

  • Due Date

    Your final project is due in Module 05. There will be individual assignments along the way. The module they are due is noted in the time line below.

  • Time Line

    Module 02

    • Introducing the Disability

    Module 03

    • Accommodating the Disability

    Module 04

    • Working with Families

    Module 05

    • Resources for Professionals and Families

  • Requirements

    Your final presentation must have at least 12 PowerPoint slides plus a title and reference slide. Your presentation will include your identified exceptional child, background on the disability, ways to accommodate the disability in the program, ways to work with families, and a conclusion offering resources for educators and families. In Module 06, you will share your final presentation with your classmates for their review and comments.The presentation should be professional, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and use APA formatting for in-text citations and in your reference slide. For more information about formatting these pieces according to APA guidelines, visit the Rasmussen APA Guide. You will find a link to this guide on the Resources tab.

  • Evaluation

    Each assignment leading up to the final assignment is evaluated and graded independently. Your instructor will provide specific grading criteria for each step of the project prior to its due date.


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