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Rasmussen College Photo Narrative and Sequencing Digital Photography Lab

Create a series of related images using compositional elements, lighting, placement of subject for emphasis, background elements, and point of view, in creating a visual narrative through the capture of a series of 7 to 8 photographs that explore any single idea, object, place or narrative. Creativity in your narrative is also a factor.

Photographs are to be sequenced so the eye is led through the series using compositional and sequencing techniques. Each individual photograph is required to be properly exposed and composed.

  • Sequencing implies order, but that order does not need to be chronological. If one photograph can capture an emotion, then a series of related images, in a logical order, can build upon that emotion.

The subject matter is entirely at the discretion of the photographer. The main point is that sequence of the photos should tell a story.

For example, capturing the process of making and plating an omelet or documenting the point A – B of a daily commute.

A chronological narrative

  1. Shoot as many images as needed to capture the best image in that part of the narrative. Crop each image as necessary to the same size, aspect ratio, and resolution. Adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, and color as required.
  2. The narrative does NOT need to be something that happens in order; it can be a series of related images about a place, a person, or an event (but NOT a wedding). Together, though, the sequencing of the images begins with a strong image, and one image flows into the next until the strong ending image.
  3. Resize the images to 1000px in the largest dimension.
  4. Export the images (File > Export > Export As…) as JPGs (at 60%). Number them in the order of the sequence (e.g., breakfast01, breakfast02, and so on.)
  5. Place the sequence in a folder with your name, underscore, the name of the assignment (e.g., Jstudent_PhotoSequencing), underscore, and the date, and ZIP the folder.


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