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RCC Andrew Jackson Successes & His Treatment of Native Americans Discussion

Some historians view Andrew Jackson as a great leader who had many successes within his time as President. His views concerning the Native Americans, however, were not seen as successful to all individuals.

Explain Andrew Jackson’s successes in office and explain if his treatment of the Natives was a success for the United States or not.


After being elected the 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson accomplished many tasks, both good and bad. Known as the main founder of the Democratic Party, Andrew Jackson was able to help the common man and allowed it to where all white men, with no obligation to own land or pay taxes, the right to vote. This was also known as the Jacksonian democracy. Another accomplishment during Jackson’s presidency was that he was able to resolve the Nullification Crisis, which was a conflict between South Carolina and the U.S. Trade also saw a boost in exports and tremendously in imports under his presidency. Despite these positive and influential moments during the time Andrew Jackson was president, there were also a few terrible decisions he decided to opt for.
The Indian Removal Act of 1830 became one of the most notorious and criticized plans under Jackson’s term. This act was designed to find a suitable home for native tribes, hopefully with agreement. Unfortunately, this was not the case and led to the forced removal and relocation of thousands of Native Americans from their home lands, otherwise known as the Trail of Tears. The act itself was not the only factor that contributed to disapproval of Jackson’s decision, but because this movement lead to the deaths of hundreds of native who became exposed to diseases and starvation. Despite what his thinking process was for the removal of the Native American tribes and the gaining of land for the U.S., Andrew Jackson in turn changed the future to what it is now, the continued oppression of these people and the negligence the government continues to exhibit towards them. This land was never the colonizers to take by force. He was the president that had the common peoples back, but clearly only the white common people and not the people who’s land he and the government stole.


Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. He is known for founding the Democratic Party and for his support of individual liberty. After defeating the British in the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson became a national hero. The seventh president of the United States, Jackson is revered as “the people’s president.”. He advocated many policies resulting in the forced migration of Native Americans. In government policy-making Jackson did not follow Congress, and by wielding the veto pen, he set a new precedent. While previous presidents rejected only bills they believed unconstitutional, Jackson wrested control of his own government. Through patronage, he strengthened the power of the presidency and expanded the spoils system into a system of patronage that strengthened his political base. He was also the first president to pay off the entire national debt, even though economic depression caused it to increase again two years later due to a severe downturn between 1837 and 1844. Jakson was so loved by the citizens his inauguration wasn’t like any before, It was described as a celebration turned into riot during Andrew Jackson’s inauguration. The people were so excited because now every American could vote. African Americans, Native Americans, and women were excluded.I agree with Jackson’s actions with Natives. Native Americans and whites couldn’t coexist, according to Jackson. He believed that not only was he protecting their way of life, but also protecting their culture from annihilation. I also agree because of his decision he was able to conquer a lot of lands and establish an American society in which cultural clash wouldn’t occur.


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