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RCCC Writing and Communication in Hospitals Report

  1. Conduct primary and secondary research as stated in the work plan you completed in Discussion 3. Modify your research strategy as needed.
    • Possibilities for primary research include:
      • An interview with an established professional in the selected field. 
      • Site observations of a particular context or event in which communication plays a central role. 
      • Artifact analysis of a specific text or set of texts that circulate in a particular profession. 
    • Primary research strategies are discussed in Chapter 4 of the textbooks and in the additional resources assigned throughout module two.
    • You must also cite at least 3-5 secondary sources in your final report, though you may cite more as appropriate. Review the following:
      • “Conducting Secondary Research” in Chapter 4 of your book for guidance on how to find secondary sources.
      • “Evaluating, Recording, and Acknowledging Research Sources” in Chapter 4 of your book on how to critically engage and annotate sources.
      • “Quoting from Your Sources” in Chapter 4 of your book for guidance on integrating secondary sources in your own work.
  2. Coordinate writing responsibilities and delegate writing tasks as outlined previously, but consider any feedback from your instructor related to your group’s scope; the work you did in Discussion 3 is not a binding document.
  3. Complete and submit formal report that responds to the central question, “What characterizes writing and communication in the selected field?” A few supporting questions may guide the focus of your response. These questions include:
    • What types of writing circulate in the selected field? What can we learn about the values and habits of this profession by attending to the writing done within it?  
    • How do professionals in this field understand the role and importance of writing and communication?  
    • How does writing and communication in the selected field compare to academic writing? What are the central similarities? What are the differences?  


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