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RE 220 WLU WK 3 Orientalism and Moral Considerations Discussion

You are to respond to each question and comment on at least one fellow group member’s post. Your mark will be based on a) the frequency of your responses and b) I will randomly select one week to read the content of your posts. Keep your discussions brief: a few thoughtful sentences or a paragraph is fine. When a discussion is assigned at the end of a lesson, you have until the end of that week to participate. However, you are required to not only post your own comment but also comment on a peer’s post in order to receive full marks. As such, posting near the end of the due date is unfair to other group members as it does not give them a chance to comment on your post. So, to “inspire” you to post early, 0.5 points (from a possible 2 points per discussion) will be deducted from any student that waits until the last 2 days to post their comment.

Discussion Questions

  1. In the last two lessons, we have looked at several examples of orientalism that might not immediately appear negative. Arjana has spoken about soft or romantic orientalism, and Iwamura has spoken of “spiritual imperialism” as she traced “the ways in which positive images may reinscribe certain racist notions of the Asian ‘other.’” What is one example from popular culture (not covered in the course) of this sort of soft orientalism?
  2. George Lucas wanted Star Wars to fill the gap left by secularization and teach moral truths. If you have watched The Mandalorian or Bad Batch, what moral teachings do they offer? If you haven’t watched these, what is one film or series you have watched recently that offers moral teachings and what are those teachings?

The discussion board will be open for one week with a closing time of 11:00 p.m. on the last day. Remember to post your own comments and comment on at least one other group member’s post. Keep your posts to around one paragraph.

Three Readings

Joseph Campbell’s monomyth…

Postcolonial Studies @Em or y.Fall 1996.(this is an overview of Edward Said’s concept of Orientalism)…

attachment(lesson 3 reading)


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