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Respond to the blog post of three colleagues in one or more of the following ways:

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Response Jennifer

An explanation of organizational policy in your field education experience

An organizational policy is a set of guidelines and best practices put in place to protect the company, employees, and customers. … In general, organizational policies define what is or is not permitted within the organization. By doing this, they establish expectations and limitations related to behavior.

There are over a hundred policies in place at this agency, there were a few that caught my attention. policy # 7000.001 No wrong door policy , 7000.002Check -In ,

The organizational policy at Care Resource “states that no person will not be denied service under no circumstance. However, there are policies in place which the client must adhere to as well. such as, Policy No# 7000.001 Health Care screening and Registration. With this policy every client must complete a registration form in order to receive services at Care Resource. This is to ensure who is being seen and how providers would be paid and billed. Also, clients must provide proof of income. At times this can be a barrier for a client who is homeless , not working, and a client who may be experiencing challenges with his/her mental health or SUD . According to Birkenmaier and Berg-Weger (2018) Finally, social policy practitioner’s analyze policy alternatives using data and research, select a preferred policy and advocate for the preferred policy; and they are also involved in policy implementation. As a social worker, I enjoy working with individuals. families and groups; I have not had the opportunity to work on the Macro level , but one day I may consider working at this level of capacity.


Birkenmaier, J., & Berg-Weger, M. (2018). The practicum companion for social work: Integrating class and fieldwork (4th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.



Response to Marissa

Explanation of organizational policy in field education experience

Organizational policy refers to the policies and procedures that the agency puts in place to manage tasks (Birkenmaier & Berg-Weger, 2018). These tasks include admissions, safety, client rights, confidentiality, incidents, etc. At my agency, there are strict policies that are at the organizational level to cover these types of areas. Code 704.3 refers to general requirements for projects. These projects include any form of a service that is provided to the clients. The policy states that all projects must be used to address recovery and will be provided for non-recovering individuals alike. The substance use will be monitored through routine drug testing. Another policy is code 704.11, staff development program. This code focuses on the many areas of training that is provided to all the staff. Each employee is required to attend the trainings and complete thorough evaluations. Code 709.28 refers to confidentiality. It states that all staff and clients must comply with Pa code 255.5 and federal HIPAA guidelines (KARC, 2019). These policies are put in place to protect and serve all employees and clients. They are altered as necessary to address any new or evolving changes.


Birkenmaier, J., & Berg-Weger, M. (2018). The practicum companion for social work: Integrating class and fieldwork (4th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.

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