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Reedley College Impact of Great War on the USA Discussion

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the nation’s wars and their domestic effects.

3. Identify and explain the causes and effects of social movements in the United States.

Final Essay Expectations: Historians have broken down the development of the United States into distinct defining periods. The focus of this course is on those periods from 1865 to present. For the summative assessment, students will construct a formal APA- formatted essay that demonstrates the students understanding of the significance of one of the following periods in United States history:

1865 – 1902: Reconstruction (15), Industrialization (16), the Gilded Age (17), and Imperialism (18) 1900 – 1928: The Progressive Era (19), The Great War (WWI) (20), and The Prosperity Era (21) 1929 – 1945: The Great Depression, the New Deal (22), and WWII (23)

1945 – 1976: The Cold War (24-27) and Turbulent Sixties (26 & 27)

1976 – 2019: New Conservatism (28) and the Twenty-First Century (29)

Students are expected to discuss significant political, social, and economic changes that drove the evolution of the United Stated from one era to the next. What were the long-lasting effects of these changes for the nation, not just within your chosen period, but going forward as well? For example, discussing the events of WWII that led to the Cold War and the implications that followed to the present. In addition, each period listed experienced a time of war. What changes resulted in the United States as a result of these conflict(s)? NOTE: DO NOT summarize the military conflict(s), discuss significant changes the United States experienced politically, socially, and economically. Lastly, each period highlights victories and hardships experienced by core minority groups: African American, Native Americans, Women, Immigrants (Hispanic/Latino, Asian, European, and/or Middle Eastern), and the LGBTQ community. Discuss these events. What caused the need for social movements? What were the eventual outcomes of these movements. NOTE: For this section, it is acceptable to step outside your chosen period to discuss the significances. For example: If a student chooses 1865 – 1902, it is acceptable to discuss the outcomes of the civil rights movement of the sixties


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