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Reedley College Julia Kristina Counselling Video Discussion ( 500 words minimum) share your personal thought about the video. You may express yourself about any aspect of the video, but it must be from “your” prospective.

2nd assignment. Erin is a 28-year-old professional woman who is 5 feet 8 inches tall and vigilantly maintains her weight at 118 pounds by following a lacto-ovo (non-fat milk and egg whites only) vegetarian diet that supplies approximately 1200 calories a day. With her understanding that protein should provide between 10 and 35 percent of her daily calories, she reasons that her daily intake of 40 grams of protein from milk, eggs, legumes, and nuts is adequate for her needs. She is concerned, however, that she has been sick more than usual and has experienced two stress fractures in her leg over the past three years while exercising.

  1. Explain why Erin’s assumptions about her protein needs are unrealistic based on her current weight.
  2. Assuming a healthy weight for Erin is 141 pounds, use the information from the “How to” feature (p. 187) in this chapter to calculate her recommended daily protein requirement. Show your calculations.
  3. What percentage of Erin’s current energy intake comes from protein? Remember that protein provides approximately 4 calories per gram.) Is this adequate? Why or why not?
  4. Erin’s energy needs for a healthy weight are closer to 1600 calories a day. How might her low-calorie intake influence her protein status and possibly contribute to her current health issues?
  5. How would you explain to Erin how her low intake of calories and protein contribute to her risk for osteoporosis?
  6. Assuming Erin consumes 20 grams of protein from whole grains, vegetables, and legumes each day, calculate how she can meet the remainder of her protein needs with dairy foods and egg whites
  7. Third assignment.

    Steve Quintana is a 52-year-old Hispanic male with a family history of alcoholism. He is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 238 pounds, with much of his excess weight around his middle. He considers himself a social drinker although he has had two arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol. He recently has been diagnosed with diabetes and takes oral medication to control his blood glucose. He also has high cholesterol and has recently started on a lipid-lowering medication. Recent tests have revealed Steve has fatty liver, which concerns him. He also reports having occasional low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) and feeling shaky and dizzy.

    1. From the information in this chapter, explain how Steve’s alcohol intake may be a factor in his diagnosis of fatty liver.
    2. What might help explain Steve’s low blood sugar reactions?
    3. According to Table H7-5, even if Steve eats a balanced diet, what nutrients may not be well absorbed if he continues to drink excessively?
    4. Explain why Steve may be at risk for a deficiency of the B vitamins folate and thiamin. What might be a reasonable recommendation to reduce this risk?
    5. How would you address Steve’s concern about his fatty liver in a way that may encourage him to seek help in abstaining from alcohol?
    6. List at least 3 practical tips you would give to people who only drink alcohol occasionally and who want to stay within current recommendations for health and safety.


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