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RFM 1100 Ohio University Week 4 Fashion Ad Assessment

Use the attached template that will be saved as either a WORD or PDF file.
Use 12-point font, times new roman. Paper should be at least a
minimum of 700 words (for example, that is a minimum of 3 FULL pages,
typed, double spaced, not including pictures and not including the questions as part of the word count).

Consider the following questions. Write your responses to the
questions in your document. Be sure to elaborate appropriately so that you
complete an assignment of sufficient length and depth.


Review recent issues of your favorite fashion magazines and count how
many advertisements you see that represent ONLY
1) Faces
2) Bodies with no head

3) Heads and bodies
4) Nudity or partial nudity.

Scan/copy the images or upload/insert/paste images (whichever format you
are most comfortable with) and include them in the answers to refer to when
discussing the following questions:


  1. What are the names/dates of the magazines that you picked out for
    this assignment?
  2. How many did you find of the four representations? Give at least 2
    picture examples of each
  3. Did you find your results surprising considering these are magazines
    that are female-focused?
  4. What do you think the bodies with no heads mean when it comes to
    women represented in the media? Do you think it’s the same thing as
    advertising nudity or partial nudity?
  5. Now go thru a menswear magazine, such as GQ, and look for the four
    representations listed in the exercise.

    1. What magazine and issue did you choose?
    2. Did you have trouble finding all four representations?
    3. Were there any you couldn’t find? Why do you think that is?
  6. After reviewing both the women’s and men’s magazines do you think
    there is a double standard in the way that men/women are portrayed
    in men and women’s magazines? Why or why not?

This assignment requires synthesis of course information, creativity on your
part, analysis of fashion, and some investigative research. Have fun!

Be sure to consult the grading rubric for evaluation criteria as you complete
this assignment.


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