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RHET 1102 UM Impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health Paper

Step 1: Library Research Assignment

Once you have picked a focus for your research, you will use the library to find relevant sources for your essay. You must use at least three academic sources in your essay. Academic sources should be current (published after 1980 unless authorized by me) and available on the University of Winnipeg Library website. In addition to these three sources, you can also use primary sources (literature, music, movies, tv shows, art work, etc.) You may also decide to conduct interviews with real people. If you do decide to conduct interviews, you only need to reference two academic sources. 

Details about Step 1 are in the separate Library Research Assignment instructions. 


   Do not come up with your thesis before doing your research. Instead, develop some questions related to your topic.
   Use the skills you acquired in the library workshop in class to find sources.
   Look for more sources than you need, so you can pick and choose the best ones for your essay.

Step 2: Research Paper Proposal

Write a proposal based on your research (step 1) containing a draft of your thesis and a rough plan for the final essay. You will also include an annotated bibliography of all your sources. This step should be about 750-1000 words and include:

   One paragraph introducing your topic and explaining what your focus will be. You should describe the general parameters of the topic and focus and why you think it is important.
   One or two paragraphs explaining how you will answer the main question you want to address in your essay. Explain how you will use each of your sources to support your answer. You must discuss every source that you mention in your bibliography.
   A bibliography of all sources mentioned in your assignment, with a brief annotated summary of each source, in APA Style.

Step 3: Research Paper Outline

In this step you will write an outline of your essay. Your essay outline will include:

   Your introduction
   One sample paragraph from the body of the essay
   An outline of your essay using a template that will be provided
   An updated bibliography (unannotated) in APA Style


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