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Rhode Island College Cultural Product Essay

  • Choose an object that already exists in your environment to connect to the reading. Think of this as focused on a tangible physical object, a product of our culture. For example, students have used: an oven mitt, an earring, a golf club, a pair of jeans, necklace, a boxing glove, etc. Your object should be something you can carry, hold in your hand, and/or bring to class if necessary. The only restriction is that it cannot be an illegal or dangerous object (such as a gun).
    • It is called a Cultural Product because it represents an object that our culture has “produced.” Therefore, it is not called a “cultural project” because your task is to analyze your product.
    • Choose only one object. Remember that the object is not the important part, it is the connection you make that matters.
    • You may not include any electronic data including: video, film, or television clip, audio clips, mobile app, meme, electronic image, etc. Stories about an event or one’s life cannot be used for this assignment as they are not visible and tangible products of culture or society. (For example, if we read a piece by bell hooks, please do not bring in internet images/information on hooks – I am looking for you to make connections between the things we read about and the items or products that exist in your individual everyday realities.
    • Next, write a one page essay where you do the following: Explain your item, by describing what it is, perhaps including where and how you found your object. This should be about a paragraph in length.
    • Connect it to course material with analysis. Be sure to follow the document called “What is analysis?” closely and carefully. This should be a long paragraph, where you engage in the three steps of creating an analytical argument.
    • Be sure to cite from the text in proper APA format. You only need to include proper in-text citations. Remember to use Times New Roman, 12 point font. Do not include a reference page, title page, running head, introduction, methods, results or discussion section. You may NOT use a direct quote- paraphrase.


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