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Risky Teenage Characters Response

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In this week’s discussion we are trying to solve community issues with principles of learning. Although this issue is not present in my community, I wanted to talk about risky teenage behavior including drug and alcohol abuse and teen pregnancy. A lot of these behaviors result from peer pressure and observational learning. It could also unknowingly be conditioned for a teen. For example, one day they smoke for fun, and they associate that with feeling relaxed, calm, and euphoric. Now later that week the teen is stressed/mad/or overwhelmed, they remember how they felt when they smoked earlier that week, so they retreat to smoking. After achieving that euphoric feeling the teen is satisfied. Now, the stimulus of feeling stressed or upset leads to an automatic response of smoking/drinking/or participating in risky behavior. According to LoBue (2017) teenagers to do participate in these activities because they lack the understanding of consequences but relate to how they are feeling in the moment. According to LoBue (2017) there are two systems in the brain responsible for risky behavior in teens, that is the system that interpret/anticipate rewards which matures during puberty and the system for self-control. In addition to this teens are more active in these behaviors when peers are around. If a community is facing a high levels of this, then a teen community center could decrease these behaviors. The community center could include tutoring and mentoring for homework as well as space for sports like basketball, indoor tennis, pool table, swimming, soccer, bowling, and laser tag. There could also be a huge lounge for just talking with friends and relaxing alone. The community center can also feature a daycare for younger siblings that parents can utilize when needing to work or have a date night. The community center could be monitored by adults, but the adults are not obviously seen around, so that teenagers can feel comfortable. The purpose of this is to decrease risky behavior and encourage teenagers to have a safe place to hang out and enjoy themselves with friends. Having this within the community can also decrease alcohol or drug use since it will not be allowed in the center. Now the difficulty of running this would be cost, however this could be a fee added to rent. This way, teenagers will know their parents pay for them and at the end of the week or daily, parents are notified when their teens checked in and out of the community center. This could also decrease stress on parents who may be overwhelmed and reduce child neglect by enrolling your children in the community center. Adding the academic section of the center can increase grades and test scores which can positively reinforce other teens to go to the center. Any conditioned response to turn to drugs/alcohol/or sex can hopefully decrease by running the center 7 days a week. After time, hopefully the new response to feeling stressed/mad is going down to the center to have some fun instead of drugs/alcohol. The main importance would have the center designed for teenagers, including their music, food taste, and décor. Although, the reality of this is stretched, having a center where teens feel safe, able to relax, play sports can hang out could reduce risky behavior.

WC 544

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