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Roberta Flack Contemporary Music and Music Evaluation Essay

Construct a Music Evaluation based on contemporary music.

  1. Choose one of the following artists: Nina Simone, Youssou N’Dour, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Miriam Makeba, or Roberta Flack.
  2. After making your selection, do some research on them and their biography and listen to 3-5 of their songs. Of the songs you listen to, choose the one you feel connects most with some of the ideas/concepts explored in this module. The first part of your Initial Post should include the following: a brief biography of the artist (2-3 sentences), the artist’s music style, an explanation of how their music has influenced music across the globe.
  3. Next, introduce the song you chose to focus on and describe how the artist uses the basic elements of music in the piece. This next part should include the following: a link to the song so we can all listen to it, a brief analysis of the song’s meaning/intent, and specific musical elements and/or lyrical content to support your analysis by using at least 3 terms from the reading in your post (make sure the terms are in bold when incorporated in the post).
  4. Lastly, discuss what drew you to the artist; explain how their work made you feel and whether or not you’d listen to more of their work in the future.
  5. Minimum of 2 different academically viable sources using MLA Style for both in-text citations and corresponding Works Cited section for all individual analyses and discussion Initial Posts (with the exception of the Module 8 Activity, which will require no research). The reading, videos, and/or webpages from the module should be used for your sources. Recognize that any use of encyclopedias, dictionaries, study guides (i.e. Cliff’s Notes or SparkNotes), or the like are not acceptable.
  6. Use of college-level vocabulary and sentence structure
  7. Professional appearance—neat and correctly typed using paragraphs to transition ideas


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