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Role of Human Relationships Questions


I.  One of the primary objectives of this class is to evaluate the role of human relationships – relationships between children and adults as well as between the many adults involved in an early childhood center – staff, parents, and any involved central or corporate staff or board members.  This has been the subject of readings, discussion boards, journal entries and a question on  #3.

This question focuses on two different aspects of program quality – one dealing with families and the other with staff; please respond to the following, being sure to address each item thoroughly.

  • How do human relationships affect the support provided for families enrolled at the center? Please include consideration of both staff-related issues as well as issues experienced by families in your response.
  • How do human relationships affect staff turnover and morale at a center?
  • What is the role of the director in managing both of these issues?

This question is worth 4 points.

II.  The readings for week 12 included articles on the topic of program supervision or evaluation.  After reviewing these articles, respond to the following scenario.

You are the director of a mid-sized, church-related ECE program serving 250 toddlers and preschoolers; your program offers an enrichment program 2, 3 or 5 mornings a week.  Last year a new pastor came to the church and his 3-year old recently started attending the program two mornings a week.  The pastor and his wife frequently observe their child in his classroom and are very pleased with how well he has adjusted.  At the last monthly board meeting, the pastor shared with the board how wonderful the program is for his son, and expressed great interest in learning how you, as the director, are able to maintain such a high quality program.  You responded that you would be happy to share your program evaluation plan with the board at the next meeting.

Using the articles provided (or feel free to research other program evaluation tools) create a simple program evaluation plan addressing the following points:

  • How quality is measured in your program for each of the following groups: children, families and staff members
  • What specific measurement tool (survey, observation, portfolio, questionnaire, or instrument such as ECERs or PAS) is used and why it was selected
  • Frequency of evaluation and method of sharing information with each interested group
  • How results of evaluation are utilized for continued program improvement.

Since this report is to be presented to the board, format, grammar, spelling and punctuation will be considered during grading.

This question is worth 8 points

III.  After reading the two articles on Child Abuse and Mandated Reporting posted in the week 16 folder, create a one-page handout for your staff covering the following points:

  • Briefly discuss the 10 signs of child abuse and neglect, being sure to relate how to recognize these signs in young children under the age of 5
  • Using your own knowledge and experience, briefly discuss reasons young children may exhibit some of these behaviors that are NOT related to child abuse.
  • Explain clearly who are mandated reporters under California Law (hint – everyone at your center) and what the reporting process involves
  • Clarify the process for reporting established at your center: here are some thing to consider: 1) Does the employee who suspects abuse discuss his/her concerns with you before reporting? 2) Who is responsible for the actual reporting?  3) What is your policy about informing parents of the reporting?
  • End your handout with information about the online training available at


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