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Rowan University Math Homework

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1. Solve the word problem: “There are 120 coins in a piggy bank, which has nickels, dimes, and quarters in it. There are 3 times as many dimes as quarters and twice as many nickels as dimes. How many nickels are in the piggy bank?” Note: Enter only a number–no words–in the answer box. Also, please note that you are being asked to give the number of nickels (not the value of the nickels).

2. Read the situations that following regarding the number of nickels, dimes, and quarters in a piggy bank. Then choose the strip diagram that represents the situation. (Note that one of the strip diagrams will not have a match.)

Group of answer choices

3. Solve the word problem: “Cloe has 56 red, blue, and yellow toy cars. She has 4 times as many red cars as blue cars, and she has 3 times as many yellow cars as blue cars. How many yellow cars does Cloe have?” Note: Enter only a number–no words–in the answer box.

4. Solve the word problem: “The sum of two numbers is 140. One number is 6 times as big as the other. What is the bigger number?” Note: Enter only a number–no words–in the answer box.


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