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RSCH 600 UCW Solutions to Diversity Issues in The Workplace Research Proposal

ew is to develop skills in finding valid literary resources for your research proposal. You will develop an annotated bibliography by doing searches of the literature on your chosen topic of interest. You will also design a literature map of the sources you have found for your Research Proposal.

This part of your research proposal should be written in paragraphs, report format. All citations and references for this course are to be done in the APA style.

Please note: Cite with in text citations all ideas, concepts, text, and data that are not your own. If you make a statement, back it up with a reference!

  • Research a minimum of 15 relevant literature sources (focus on material available in digital format only for this course). Carefully choose your 15 “keepers” that are clearly related to your study. (Note: you might need to find 30 to “keep” only 15).
  • Write a literature review section that summarizes what you found and evaluate the literature. State how the reviewed research results connected to your proposed study.
  • Design a literature map of the sources you have found for your Research Proposal. This map should help you organize your source materials in a way that will facilitate the organization and writing of your Literature Review.

Note: For the final research proposal, you need to review more than 15 literature sources. Aim for at least 30.

In the presentation you are required to explain how you have selected the appropriate methods for your research, and present draft of a work plan that will enable you to complete the research project successfully — and on time!

is your Research Proposal. It contains the first THREE parts of your Research Project.

Your final research proposal should include the following sections:

Title Page – The title page includes the title of the proposed project, your name, institution, and the date of submission. This is the entire first page.

Abstract – A brief summary of your proposed project, not to exceed 200 words. Present a brief introduction to the issue, make the key statement of your research question, and give a brief summary of how you want to address the research question with the possible implications of your work.

The abstract needs to be on a separate page.

Introduction – This section sets the context for your proposed project and must capture the reader’s interest. Remember to start with a broad picture that eventually narrows in on your research question. You should briefly describe what the proposed project is about and how you became interested in the topic. State clearly the central issue or theme being addressed.

PART 1: PROBLEM STATEMENT: Include here part 1 of your Research Project.

PART 2: LITERATURE REVIEW: Include here part 2 of your Research Project.

This section identifies the main concepts related to your research question. In this section you summarize what has been found in the past in your area of proposed study and evaluate the literature. Please state how the reviewed research results connected to your proposed study.

PART 3: RESEARCH METHODS: Include here part 3 of your Research Project

This section defines the planned study methods, and their rationale, in answering your research question. Begin this section by providing an overview your approach, materials, and procedures you are planning to use during the study. Be clear as to your choice of qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods. Explain how and why your mode of analysis will enable you to


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