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RU The Speech Presented by King George Education & Teaching Discussion

respond to 2 classmates

Class mate number 1 :Throughout the duration of the film clip, King George’s facial expressions and how he is feeling is extremely visible. King George does not seem very confident and is nervous as he delivers his speech over the loudspeaker. He seems very hesitant and also seems to be questioning the decisions that he was making / the speech he was giving. He struggles to fully find confidence in his words as he stammers and looks at the guy in front of him for reassurance. As the man across form him cheers him on and silently applauds him towards the end, King George begins to gain some courage and confidence back.

As King George begins his speech the people listening seem anxious and speechless. Although towards the end you can almost sense relief as his speech finishes. The woman as shown towards the end takes a sigh of relief, and clapping between the people begin when he is finished as he is congratulated with “congratulations your majesty.” Language and how you use your words can be extremely influential and impactful. If I was King George making such a significant speech, I would be extremely vigilant of my word choice as I am announcing a speech to a vast amount of people.

2 Throughout the film clip I just watched about King George VI, I could completely tell from his facial expressions how he was feeling. His face the entire time was simply easy to read because you can just see in his face how unconfident he seemed and how uncomfortable he was throughout the film. As he speaks you can see and hear how much in his voice that he was choking up and nervous he was. All his facial expressions were completely easy to read and made me feel exactly how he was feeling. You could also see that the audience is following and listening to his speech by the facial expressions they also had on. If I was King George VI giving this speech I would feel a similar way and have similar facial expressions on my face as well. He definitely started to get more comfortable with his words as his speech went on, but took hi8m a little while till he felt confident. I would be extremely nervous talking to this amount of people about something as serious as the topic he was talking about. I personally think he did a very good job with his words and trying his best to stay confident without breaking down while giving his speech.


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