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Rutgers University Game of Thrones Discussion

For this week’s Class Discussion (in text not video), there are two tasks that require your response.

First, from the Games of Thrones video excerpt with the quote (linked below), after reading the Chapter on Followership, discuss why the Lord Commander would give this advice to Jon Snow. You must draw on at least two principles of Followership that you learned to support your statement.

Second, after reading Case 13.2 in your book, answer question 1 or question 4.

As a reminder, your individual posts are due on Saturday and your follow up responses to your classmates are due by Tuesday.


Watch: This is a popular excerpt from the Game of Thrones series (Links to an external site.). For those of you who haven’t seen the series, the character Jon Snow, yet a junior member of the Night’s Watch force, is reprimanded by the leader of the force Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, for intervening at a meeting where he should have (from Mormont’s perspective) listened and learned. The quote you should focus on is: “You want to lead one day? Well, learn how to follow.”


Review Case 13.2, Olympic Rowers, p. 381 in the Followership Chapter


Tips on Conducting Good Class Discussions

These exercises are about engaging in collaborative dialogue with your classmates while you consider the material and apply the principles you have learned from the readings. In addition to offering your own thoughtful reflections, you are expected to reflect meaningfully on others’ commentary. You can achieve this by:

  • Communicating understanding or support for others’ perspectives, and explaining why you support their perspective;
    • Noting take-aways that may have expanded your own views about the material;
    • Building upon points your classmates have made;
    • Respectfully and constructively providing counterpoints to perspectives that have been shared;
    • Emphasizing your own or others’ points with your individual academic, professional or personal/life experiences.
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