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Rutgers University Women Race and Class Discussion


In this week’s Discussion Board assignment, we will explore the ways in which the ideology of white, male supremacy shapes inequalities and differences by exploring Angela Y. Davis’s Women, Race, and Class.


In the first chapter of Women, Race, and Class, Davis argues that the economic systems of the United States—namely racial slavery and the devaluation of domestic labor as “women’s labor”—have been fundamental to the formation of class, race, and gender differences in the United States. How does Davis show this argument using specific examples—such as laws and legal precedents, historical trends, geographic patterns, or other forces that shaped historical actors’ experiences? After reading the first six chapters of Women, Race, and Class, how foundational are white, male supremacy to the history of the United States? Many critics of anti-racist teaching—including critical race theory—argue that it is “racist” against white people say that the United States is a “fundamentally racist” country, but, after reading Davis, do you think it is important to account fairly for the history of racism and sexism in our society? If so, why, and if not, why?


In order to earn an “A”, a Discussion Board response this week must include at least two separate responses, an original thread. Should include a relevant reference (preferably a quote) from Angela Y. Davis’ Women, Race, and Class, and at least two other readings from any other readings from the syllabus assigned up to October 3. Your response must account for the importance of gender, race, and class inequalities, as well as the ways in which gender, race, and class inequalities work together—or reinforce one another. “A” answers will include important details as examples, including dates, names of important historical actors, geographical locations, and any important names or titles of documents cited in the readings or footnotes.

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