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Rutgers University Write a Program Java Coding Task

Arrays I/O Program. Read all directions, and make sure your three user-defined methods will have for loops to loop through the array. Submission of your program and output is due. FMAX Input/output and find max Array METHODS Program:

You will write a program that inputs 13 integers from the user into an array called fmax, finds the maximum value in the array, and outputs the number in the array. You will use methods for each major task.

main – create the array and call the methods.

fillfmax – method to input and fill up the fmax array.

findfmax – method to search the array for the maximum value and return the value to main.

printfmax – method to print the filled fmax array with centered column headings (Index Number and Array Value) and field widths to right align the numbers under the centered column headings.

You will use a for loop to process each element (input, search, or output) in each method. You will use the length data field for each loop.

The output will be:

printing the maximum value in the array from main.

printing the filled array in the printfmax method with a for loop (and field widths to right align the numbers under centered column headings of Index Number and Array Value).

Use the following input data when you run your program:

85 78 97 88 77 62 101

98 89 105 87 74 67

Document your program with at least name, exercise number, and at least 4 lines explaining what the program does. You will also add comments to at least 5 individual lines in the program (comment lines not totally obvious to a novice programmer). Run your program. Save (or Copy and Paste) the Console running of your program into a plain output .txt text file. Submit your .java source code main program and the output .txt saved.


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