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RWS 305 San Diego State University Social Media Specialist Discussion

please complete those three different assignments

one page for each

For this discussion forum I’d like you to discuss what you’ve learned about Personal Statements and Cover letters in about 200 words. Once you’re done, comment on one (1) posts from other students.

Things to discuss:

  • What’s the difference between a cover letter and a personal statement?
  • Have you ever written one of these documents before? If so, is there anything you’ll do differently this time?
  • Why should you create a tailored document for each position/program you’re applying to?
  • What are some things you shouldn’t do when writing a cover letter or a personal statement?
  • What are some of the best tips you read about for writing a cover letter or a personal statement?
  • Or just give us your notes on each
  • second assignment
  • n order to prepare for this assignment, you now need to pick your path, and find a specific job ad or grad school program that you want to apply to. Once you’ve found a job/program, analyze the text and identify key elements and words you can use in your documents, and tell us about the position before responding to at least one (1) other student’s work.

    1. Find a specific job ad or grad school program.
    2. Analyze the text to identify key words and a description of the type of person they’re looking for.
    3. Provide a link to the job ad or program website.
    4. Write a brief (100 words) description of the job or grad program summarizing what you found in your analysis
    5. .For the Journal

    For this dual journal, I want you to reflect on the things you’ve learned about finding and seeking a job/grad school.

    • What are some new things you learned that you’ll take with you?
    • Is there anything new you’re going to try (video resume, digital resume/cv, etc.)
    • Have you realized you need to do more to prepare for life after university (internships, classes, etc.), or do you feel prepared?
    • Or just reflect on anything we covered over the past two weeks.


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