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Ryerson University The Boeing 737 Max Crashes What Happened and Why Case Study

Please read and follow the assignment instruction carefully.  Your report should contain these sections, in the following order.  All subheadings must be used.

Case Summary and Key Issues

  • Answers to Case Questions 1, 2, 3,…..

Research and Commentary

  1. A cover page is mandatory.  Include your full name, section # and student number on the cover page.
  2. Format:  Maximum two pages SINGLE SPACED.  This is about 1000 words maximum.
  3. Submit one file (in WORD or PDF) of your completed case analysis to the DROP BOX
  • Please limit your summary to half a page.  Do not simply repeat case information for the whole 1000 words.  You need to include your own analysis and interpretations.  
  • Integrate the Chapter topic and readings to help you enhance your own critique / commentary.

You must answer all the assigned questions found in the Case reading.  For example, Case #1 contains 3 questions that must all be answered.  Clearly list your answers. 

When using outside research, you must cite your work; a minimum of 4 sources is recommended.  Use APA citation format. Academic Integrity with your work is key. No cut and paste.

  • Too much content copied from case or online sources can impact the quality of your work and grade. Turnitin will indicate concerns with originality (too much direct copying and pasting from other sources will have a direct impact on your grade)
  • After reading the case and answering the questions, you need to step back and re-examine the chapter topic.   Examples of what you can critique:
  • What are the main lessons learned from this case?
  • How can firms keep up with changes in Information Technology?

Can the solutions found in the case be implemented in other industries?  What are its limitations?

How does the case involve People, Business Processes, and Information Technology?

  • What are the most up to date information you can find about the case/firm as of today?


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