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Self-Inspection Assignment (Instructors)

Purpose: This assignment is designed for students to be aware of the safety and health condition in the technical, vocational or adult learning facility/classroom.


  • 1. You are required to analyze the safety and health condition of your workplace, classroom etc. according to the topics listed on the NIOSH Website (http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/2004-101/chap4.html).
  • 2. Choose a minimum of SIX (6) specific checklists from the NIOSH website and complete all items in each on each checklist.

This means you must copy and paste the six checklists you have selected into your assignment document. Each of the checklist items must be answered with Yes, No, or N/A in BOLD RED!

  • 3. From the six (6) areas, THREE (3) MUST be chosen from the followings: General Classroom Conditions, Accident Preventions Signs and Tags, and Personal Protective Equipment.
  • 4. For each checklist, you MUST report a minimum of THREE (3) situations where the place that you analyze violates or complies with an OSHA General Industry Standard (1910). For each violation or compliance you must:
    1. Describe clearly the situation and explain why you believe it violates or complies with OSHA Standard.
    2. For each compliance or violation, you are to quote the code and clause of the corresponding OSHA standard (You will be shown on how to search this code on the OSHA Website in class).


    1. 1. Compile all materials including pictures (if you decide to include) in one package.
    2. 2. Your work will be graded according to the quality, and it should reflect the following:
    1. Scholarly in the describing and explaining the situations.
    2. Professional in the presentation and organization.
    3. Meeting all requirements of the assignment.
    4. Meets Inspection Rubric guidelines.
    1. 3. Your instructor reserves the right to make modification on the requirement(s) of the assignments when deemed necessary in order to reflect the latest development in the class.
    2. 4. Please used the example provided in the dropbox as a reference for this assignment. Do not submit my example as your own work!
    3. 5. Do not submit this document for your assignment. I do not want a document that contains all checklists when you are only addressing six areas.