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Saint Leo University Bible of Love Essay

Thematic paper:  

        Trace one of the biblical themes from the list below noting developments of that theme in Old Testament and in the New Testament.  Show how New testament writers reinterpreted the theme. Show the continuity in the development of the theme as well as any changes in meaning. This paper must be accompanied by an outline. Length: 750-2000 words.

For the thematic paper restrict your research to the bible, or to any of the books on the course bibliography, those with an asterisk.

The  paper needs to be well documented; be certain to distinguish between paraphrase and quotation. 

Papers would benefit from an outline. If a paper cannot be outlined, the organization is bad

Paragraphs should have a topic sentence and paragraphs should be related to an overall purpose expressed through a thesis sentence.

Everything should be cited using MLA

Grading Rubric

Accurate use of English including careful documentation (including ability to paraphrase and use quotations) and good organizational plan. 40 pts

Adequate research including use of primary source. 20 pts

  • Accurate and complete reflection of material read for assignment. 40 pt
  • QUOTATION AND PARAPHRASE: More than three consecutive words used by another author need to be documented as direct quotation( as block quote or with quotation marks) . Both paraphrase and direct quotation need to be documented with footnote, end note or citation in text. Please use either MLA or Chicago Manual of Style formats. The purpose of such documentation is to enable the reader to find your source with ease. If you cite a book or an article, you need to include the exact page number(s) used. Failure to document adequately will earn the grade of F on the paper. Do not overuse quotations. More than half of a paper consisting of quotation is unacceptable. Keep the use of quotation to a minimum.
  • justice
  • love

Wealth and poverty

Servant of God

Son of man




Kingdom of God

Son of God









Mercy and compassion



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