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San Diego City College Business Announcing a Merger Letter Analysis

hapter 4: Using an Appropriate Style


With the knowledge you learned in chapter 4, and from the PowerPoint Presentation, redo the letter mentioned below. Make up names, inside address, etc. and construct a full block letter. (SEE – Below or for more information, see: BONUS CHAPTER “A” in the line above this one in the Modules or the text … Fully Justified Text – Online.)



  1. Type in the letter below.
  2. Now, using Word proofing tools, mark-up (edit) the letter for changes to be made.
  3. Finally, retype the edited letter. The first page of this assignment will be your edits and the second page the corrected letter—ie. just one file to upload.

(REMEMBER: Check your spelling and grammar. Due date is on the syllabus.)

Announcing a Merger

Relevant Concepts: You-viewpoint, effective word choice, active verbs, economical wording

The following letter announces to customers the merger of two cellular service companies.

Applying what Chapter 4 says about using the you-viewpoint and a clear, interesting style, mark up the message to indicate where and why it needs improvement. Then, retype the final letter. You are turning in ONLY one file with both the edited and final copies.

NAME THE FILE: YOURLASTNAME-1STLetter (ex. Durkee-1stLetter) and submit. The other formal letters assignments for chapters 5,6, and 7 will follow the same format… Durkee-2sdLetter, etc.

Dear Customer,

First, I would like to start by thanking you for being a customer of Speed mobile service. As you know, at Speed, we are committed to delivering exceptional value through our state-ofthe-art products, services, and experiences. An important step was recently taken to leverage our assets and bolster our business.

As you may have heard, Speed will combine with NationalPS to create a bigger, better, bolder wireless provider. The combined entity will be a new, publicly traded company called Speed that will be the premier challenger in the marketplace by providing the best value. The merger will become effective on 1 July 2014,

Here is how we’re going to the nest level with this game-changing transaction:

  • We will be rolling out a national NTE network with even greater speed and capacity. This will provide access to a denser, higher-capacity network, including deep LTE coverage in key metropolitan areas.
  • We will be able to expand our broad devace portfolio to offer more products, services, and devices.
  • Were going to continue to change the way wireless is done with our creative, compelling, and unique 4G plans, including the industry’s first Any Device plan.

This is a terrific opportunity for two companies that share a common commitment to innovation and customer service to come togather to improve wireless communication.

We couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds for Speed.


Sam Williams, President & CEO




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