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San Diego Miramar College Bible Study Questions

Read Scripture: Matthew 1-13

  1. How is Jesus described as “the new Moses”?


  2. What are the three elements of God’s rescue operation for the      world?


  3. What type of people typically follow Jesus?


Read Scripture: Matthew 14-28

  1. What are the three elements of the “upside down” kingdom      that Jesus proclaims?


  2. What is the significance of the Passover meal and how does Jesus      expand on its meaning?


  3. How was Jesus’ death a fulfillment of prophecy?

Gospel of the Kingdom

  1. How would you explain the Kingdom of God to someone who had never      heard about Jesus?


Bible in Five: John 1-12

  1. What is an example of how Jesus uses the imagery of ancient Jewish      feasts to explain who he is?


  2. What are two examples of how Jesus uses controversy to show who he      is?


Bible in Five: John 13-21

  1. In what ways does John introduce his readers to the concept of the      Trinity?


  2. How does Jesus invite us into a relationship with him, the Father,      and the Holy Spirit?

Video Discussion – Choose two to answer.

  • In the second video on Matthew Ch 14-28 we learn the term “upside down kingdom.” Using the Gospel readings you completed this week, along with the LASB note son Luke 24:25, Pg. 1,728, ( Even though these Jewish men…) share one or two examples of Jesus’ upside down kingdom and what makes it upside down.   
  • In Matthew chapters 5 and 6 there are several suggestions that are at odds with the current culture. Choose two you think would benefit the culture if most people did them, and tell why you chose each one.
  • In the Gospels, we see that God chose to have Jesus born into a poor family.  Why do you think this is? Compare Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” with what the world considers a blessed life.


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