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San Diego Miramar College Books of The Bible Discussion

Read Scripture: Psalms

  1. What are the major themes found in the Psalms?
  2. What does the book of Psalms teach us about the value of both      lament and praise in our prayers?

The Book of Proverbs

  1. What are the different ways that wisdom is portrayed in Proverbs?
  2. What’s the connection between wisdom and the fear of the Lord?

The Book of Ecclesiastes

  1. What does Ecclesiastes say about what we should do since we can’t      control our lives?
  2. What are some of the concepts that the “author” uses to      counteract the despair of the “Critic’s” view of life? 

Read Scripture: Job

  1. What is Elihu’s explanation of why people suffer and how is it      similar to and different from the way people explain suffering today?
  2. Given what you’ve learned from Job, what would you need to      remember the next time you encounter suffering?

The Book of Isaiah (1-39)

  • What is Isaiah’s message of hope to the people of Israel and to all nations?

The Book of Isaiah(40-66)

  1. As we consider how God used fire and military defeat and exile in      his relationship with the people of Israel, what lessons can we learn      about the role challenges or struggles can play in our own development?

Read Scripture: Daniel

  1. What is the pattern and promise found in Daniel and what hope      might it give to those who are living in difficult circumstances?


  1. Grace (Khen) is described as a gift that is not deserved.  What are examples of God showing grace      in the Old Testament?
  2. In the New Testament, grace (Kharis) means gracious gift.  How is Jesus a gift from God? 

After watching this weeks videos, reflect in two discussion questions;

  1. As we’ve read in the Bible, Job suffered (Job 1:13-22), Joseph suffered (Gen 37, 39-40), David suffered (Psalm 22), Daniel suffered (Daniel 6) and of course Jesus suffered. Why doesn’t God prevent suffering?
  2. Where have you seen places in your life where challenges and suffering have built character or produced something good? Explain.
  3. Psalm 34 says, that the Lord answers us when we seek him and delivers us from our fears Ps. 34: 4.  The LASB note outlines many other blessings God promises to us and also what we must do to receive those blessings. Read this and reflect on God’s promises and our responsibility. Have you experienced any of these blessings? 
  4. Unlike Samuel and David who were leading their own people, Daniel was a government official in a foreign land. What lessons can we learn from him about effective leadership in secular or non-Christian settings? Do you have any experiences at work, where you had to stand up for your beliefs?


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