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San Diego State University Equality in The Workplace and Welfare of Workers Discussion

Can you please just do a response to this persons discussion post following the guidelines below. I attached resources also below so you can site the example, you only have to use one.

The Students discussion is:

Factors such as excluding workers of agricultural jobs from benefits introduced by the New Deal failed in addressing racial inequality and only worsened it economically but African Americans still offered strong support for Roosevelt mostly because of organizations born out of his New Deal such as the CIO which would reunite African Americans with labor unions.

Many African Americans in the south worked in agriculture and the policies of the New Deal excluded workers of agriculture from social security benefits. (Weis, New Deal Lecture) Which would mean that there were many African Americans that would not be covered by social security in old age and for their children while many white workers in other industries would receive these financial aids. This only widened the gap of the economic stance between black and white. Although he did not help the financial security of African Americans, Roosevelt’s new deal brought about the CIO which was a great supporter and influence of the popular vision that paired American society with unionism of cultures. The CIO would advocate for racial equality in the workplace among whites and blacks and would “bring large numbers of black industrial workers into the labor movement for the first time” (Forner, GLM, 666) This would mean that African Americans were closer to taking part of the industrial freedoms that arose due to the new regulations concerning organized labor.

The original question they answered just in case you want to know was:
Of the many federal policies signed into law as part of the New Deal, which one had the greatest immediate impact and which had the greatest long-term impact on American society? Explain.

  • Compose a thoughtful and respectful response to ONE of the discussion threads created by other students.
  • Begin your response with a clear thesis statement that responds directly the post AND to the original question, AND establishes a plausible line of argument to support this claim.
  • Next, develop at least ONE concrete example to support your argument, drawing from the assigned course materials. This must be a different example than the ones you cited in your own discussion post.
  • Please cite each of your sources using a simple parenthetical citation form, including author’s last name, abbreviated title, and page. E.g.: (Davidson and Lytle, ‘View from the Bottom Rail,’ 275), or (D&L, ‘VftBR,’ 275).
  • Responses must be at least 100 words in length. Please use full sentences.


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