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San Diego State University Impact of Vaccines in the World Discussion

I’m studying and need help with a Health & Medical question to help me learn.

Now is your time to shine and share with your fellow students some of the amazing things in your field! What new, novel or emerging technologies are being utilized in your field that can advance the health of the global population, reduce inequities, or bring services or new technologies to places in need!

The innovation/tool might be a new idea/theory or a new physical technology.

Your post should include:

  1. A written description of the tool, innovation or new practice in your own words
  2. A written description of how this can help reduce global health disparity

you can write about the new technology that it’s been used in developing vaccines. for examples COVID-19 uses M-RNA to give the body Immunity . this is a new technology because we never had a vaccine that was structured in this way


We know water is one of the biggest health concerns worldwide (see week 14 for one of the most important and one of my favorite topics in global health: access to water and sanitation). There is a really cool technology that is still being pilot tested that turns waste water (even pee) into potable (drinkable) water! There is a lot of complicated ways this can be done, but one unique California company (Aquacycle (Links to an external site.)) is trying to use all locally sourced (wherever the location might be) bacteria to do just that! What is great about this concept, that is being used in multiple countries already ( Greece, Spain, Malta, Lebanon, Tunisia, U.S. and Mexico), is that it will hopefully be a cost effective and sustainable way to treat water when expensive treatment plants are not an option. Another fun/cool fact, the CEO of this company is a Californian, but she is helping make change across the globe!


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