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San Diego State University Initial Coding Task

I’m working on a programming multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

code and analyze a transcript from an interview with a victim of crime.This is a real interview that was part of a larger study whose goal was to better understand the needs of crime victims in specific marginalized communities in Los Angeles and their barriers to seeking services so that more appropriate legal and social services could be developed to support them.

A key step in analyzing qualitative data is creating and assigning codes to passages of text. You then group codes together (where they are related/similar) and summarize the groupings into themes. These themes are organized and analyzed to provide insight into your research question(s).

For the purposes of this assignment, the research questions you are seeking to address are:

  1. What are the needs of victims of crime in Los Angeles?
  2. What barriers do crime victims face to seeking services?

Here are the steps you should take in coding and analyzing this interview transcript:

  1. Watch this short YouTube video that gives you some instruction on how to code qualitative data:
  2. Use the guidance provided in this video to code the interview transcript. Use the text highlight functions in MS Word to select sections of text that you want to code.You may enter the codes in the margins or you can enter them in comment bubbles (This is an example of a comment bubble. ) attached to the passages of text to which they apply.
  3. When creating your codes, keep in mind the goal of the interview – to identify the needs of victims of crime so that services can be developed. IMPORTANT: You shouldn’t code everything in the transcripts. You should code the passages of text that are related to your research questions. Some codes you may only use once, some codes you will likely use several times throughout the transcript.
  4. Once you have coded the entire transcript, scroll to the bottom of the transcript and organize your codes into groupings (putting codes that go together in the same list).Give each grouping a thematic category title that reflects what all of the codes in that grouping have in common.

Example: Work satisfaction (thematic category title-thematic category title): good pay, like the location, reasonable workload, fun coworkers (These are examples of codes that I might have identified while coding an (unrelated) transcript where someone talked about what they enjoyed about their job.When I am analyzing these data and think about what all of these things have in common, they are all about satisfaction with a job/workplace so I group them together and call the theme “work satisfaction”)

  1. Summarize in 2-3 paragraphs what you believe the answer to your research questions are based on the coding and analysis you did and the key themes that emerged.
  2. Submit the entire transcript that has been coded, along with your identified themes and short (2-3 paragraph) write up of what your analysis revealed about the needs of victims of crime in Los Angeles.This can be all in the same document.


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