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San Diego State University Money Changing and ATM Services of Nepal PPT

For this assignment you are going to take on the role of a Communication scholar/Travel Guide and choose one country (other than the U.S.) to research. Using your chosen country, you are to create a PPT that discusses communication characteristics, cultural faux pas, and recommended travel plans for a 7-10-day visit (a 7-day itinerary is NOT an A assignment, FYI – See Rubric below). Feel free to choose a country that is not a mainstream, “popular” tourist destination, and one that you have not yet traveled to. It is important that you include what’s required below and be creative, yet realistic, in your planning.

The PPT must include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. A brief history/background on the country you have chosen. Understandably, many countries may have a vast history. Focus on what you perceive as the most important elements of the country’s history. Maybe discuss the origins/structure of the current government system, how old the country is, what language is spoken, the currency, etc. I’m looking for a min. of 3-4 slides of background on your country (however, what is more important than the quantity of slides is the quality). Be sure to cite your sources on each slide and also on your reference slide.

2. How your chosen country ranks on the following dimensions of cultural variability (must cover all dimensions). Be sure to explain what each dimension is and also give specific examples for your chosen country, for each of these dimensions. Make sure to cite your sources on each slide and also on your reference slide.

  1. Individualism versus Collectivism
  2. Masculinity Versus Femininity
  3. Power Distance
  4. Indulgence Versus Restraint
  5. Long Term Orientation Versus Short Term Orientation
  6. Uncertainty Avoidance

* If you are unable to locate direct research indicating where your country aligns on these dimensions you need to do your best to provide research that supports your rationale for where you would assume your country would rank on these dimensions.

3. Faux Pas. List societal faux pas for the country you have selected. Be specific and give examples. 10-15 Faux Pas are ideal (10 faux pas do not constitute an A on this section). Be sure to cite your sources on each slide and also on your reference slide.

4. A 7-10 day daily break down of activities/tours for someone interested in visiting this country (be creative, have fun, and keep in mind your target audience while planning daily activities – your peers!). Be sure to include cost and information about the included activities.

  1. Flight and accommodation details (and inter-country flights if applicable).
  2. Information about the country (Customs, currency, visa requirements, vaccinations, best time of the year to visit, etc.)
  3. Cost. Understandably, cost will vary depending on the time of the year. Do your best to provide your classmates with a rough estimate of the cost for the trip. Include flight(s), accommodations, tours, food, and anything else that may cost money for this trip. A breakdown and total cost would be an awesome thing to include!

*Do some research online (sites like Tripadvisor, Fodors, Triptuner, to name a few, may be helpful – there are many resources available to help with planning), and talk with friends who may have already traveled to your chosen destination to help with this project. Include pictures! Most importantly, have fun with this assignment and learn something cool about a place you may actually be traveling to yourself in the near future!

Warning – If you copy and paste from websites to your slides without proper citations this constitutes as plagiarism and you will receive a zero on this assignment. Be sure to paraphrase by putting what you read into your own words while also making sure to cite your sources.


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