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San Diego State University PAR Q and Flowchart Outcome Activity Discussion

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Complete the PAR-Q+ (click on the “Take the PAR-Q+ Survey Now” button at (Links to an external site.)) and review the Preparticipation Screening Flowchart (figure 2.2, pg 25).  Is medical clearance recommended for you to begin participating in an exercise/physical activity program??

Please click this link — [ (Links to an external site.)] 

  1. Review the different activity tracking tools that are available

Click this link to explore the current Physical Activity Guidelines for All Americans [ (Links to an external site.)] and this link to identify the top 10 “things to know”  [ (Links to an external site.)] for a brief summary of ‘why adults should be physically active’ or this click on the Executive Summary in the “’ website to learn more about this new document.

This link [ (Links to an external site.)] can be helpful for those who are less active than desired and those that would like to become more active.  

  1. Last … these links provide some helpful tips on staying motivated about your physical activity

[ (Links to an external site.)]

[ (Links to an external site.)]

[ (Links to an external site.)]

  • After completing the PAR-Q and reviewing these various links for becoming more Physically Active, please write + submit the requested information identified in this section below:
  • In a Word document, address the following related to #1 and #2 identified above:

Write a brief statement about your current health status based upon completion of the PAR-Q and review of the Flowchart (pg. 25; Fig. 2.2).   Is medical clearance recommended for you to begin participating in an exercise/physical activity program??  Why or Why not???   


Based upon your review of the various documents/links above, please submit your response that “ identifies some strategies that will assist you in achieving increased physical activity participation over this semester. What are your strengths and challenges to achieve increased physical activity?”


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